Stretching Exercises 3

Sitting Groin Stretch Sit with the soles of your feet placed together and drawn close to your groin area. Hold your ankles with your elbows resting on the inside of your knees. Press down with the elbows while simultaneously leaning forward from the hips and with a straight back. Repeat. Groin, Adductor & Hamstring Stretch …

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Stretching Exercises 2

Lower Back Stretch Lie on your back and gently pull both legs in bent knee position to your chest. First, keep your head and upper back on the ground, then as a ‘second part’ to the stretch, curl your head towards your knees. This stretch can also be performed one leg at a time.   …

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Stretching Exercises 1

Hamstring Stretch Position one leg straight, the other tucked in with its sole touching opposite thigh. Lean forward from the hips with a straight back to apply tension. It’s also important to keep the leg and foot being stretched upright. This position also stretches the lower back. Alternate between legs. Shoulder Stretch Two exercises: place …

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