Peewees Resource Book – Beginners to Yellow Belt

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This Resource Book is for students who are novices – beginners to yellow belt. We have formatted this so that both students and parents can use the book as a resource to help them through their first 3 belt levels.

Please note: there will be no fees for our members.

Our course Objectives are simple:

  1. To provide both students and parents a resource platform to assist with face to face Dojo training.
  2. To support novice students to achieve the required accreditation to be able to grade in throughout the year.

The Resource Book is split up into fifteen (13) areas:

  1. Brief History of Karate
  2. Staring Karate
  3. The Karate Uniform
  4. The Dojo
  5. The Bows
  6. Warm up activities
  7. Karate Stances
  8. Making a Fist
  9. Karate Blocks
  10. Karate Kicks
  11. Training Exercises
  12. Kata
  13. The student assignment